Saferbytes has joined the Malwarebytes portfolio of business security solutions.

Press Release

Malwarebytes Acquires Saferbytes

Malwarebytes acquires Italian cybersecurity firm to enhance threat detection, removal and remediation across the entire enterprise.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – February 7, 2017 – Malwarebytes™, the leading advanced malware prevention and remediation solution, today announced the acquisition of Saferbytes, a security start-up with a proven track record of building advanced technologies with anti-malware, anti-exploit, anti-rootkit, cloud AV, and sandbox capabilities. This acquisition will greatly enhance Malwarebytes’ enterprise remediation offering and threat feeds, in addition to further advancing the company’s market approach and global strategy.

One of Malwarebytes’ core competencies is the removal of advanced threats from infected endpoints. With the Saferbytes acquisition, Malwarebytes plans to leverage the company’s popular DeepViz application, as well as its sandbox expertise, to enhance existing solutions with new IOC and threat feeds and equip businesses with superior threat intelligence. The acquisition also serves as a continuation of Malwarebytes’ global expansion strategy and market focus on the enterprise.

“We are committed to keeping customers safe from the most dangerous cyber threats through continued advancement of our technologies,” said Marcin Kleczynski, Malwarebytes CEO. “Adding Saferbytes to the Malwarebytes team is a crucial step in enhancing our incident response offering and expanding our global footprint as a company. We have been incredibly impressed with what they have built and look forward to working together to keep businesses safe from cyber threats.”

“The entire Saferbytes team and I are truly excited to be joining forces with the exceptional and highly talented people at Malwarebytes to build advanced threat detection technologies,” said Marco Giuliani, Saferbytes CEO. “I have always envied the team at Malwarebytes for building innovative technologies and developing one of the most popular anti-malware solutions on the market. Since meeting the Malwarebytes executive team for the first time, it was clear to me that we shared the same vision for building technologies to enable our customers to have the best protection available.”

About Saferbytes Deepviz

Saferbytes’ Deepviz is a cloud based, self-learning threat intelligence platform powered by Deepviz Malware Analysis Engine. With Deepviz, users can start from an IP, domain, string, filename, e-mail or anything else they have to quickly rebuild the whole history of a targeted attack and identify malicious domains, similar malware and C&C infrastructure.

Deepviz easily integrates into the existing security workflow. Deepviz for Splunk allows users to enrich Splunk data by adding threat intelligence details to IP addresses, domains and hashes. Analysts can spot suspicious connections, find out what malware is connecting to them and identify malware on the network. The intel gathered by Deepviz will greatly enhance the Malwarebytes portfolio and holds significant potential for enhancing existing Malwarebytes enterprise solutions.

Saferbytes is based in Perugia, Italy and was founded in July 2012 by Marco Giuliani. The company consists of an innovative team committed to protecting Internet users from all current and future cyber threats. For the near term, Deepviz will retain its current name, supplemented by Malwarebytes branding. Malwarebytes is committed to maintaining the mission of the Deepviz product and its features. Malwarebytes believes this will aid growing awareness for the Malwarebytes brand in areas of rapid growth within Europe, Asia and further countries outside of the United States. Malwarebytes will also integrate many of the proprietary techniques and detections into their flagship products.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.